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Zuhair Kalawi

Anaheim, CA





Zuhair Kalawi
6500 E Paseo Caballo
Anaheim, CA 92807

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Michele Pangle says:
Dr Kalawi! It was about 1985...and you saved me. I had endometriosis, saw my family ob, and after 2 surgeries to remove some of the endo, and then one ovary, he decided to do a complete total hysterectomy. I was 23. The following year, I had pain again, and he denied seeing me because he was an ob/gyn, and I had no more 'female' parts. I was devastated. A friend reccomended Dr Montalongo, and he referred me to you. Thank God. Your care, your REAL concern for me, was absolutely a blessing. When you went in, you saw that the endo was back, very aggressively, and I also had adhesions very badly. My appendix were adhered to the wall of my abdomen, and what was left after the hysterectomy, was also covered. You had recently been to Europe, wherr you learned of a medicine you could use directly on the endo to stop it from growing...and you used it on me. And it worked. I never had the trouble again, even though I was on Premarin. I have referred many people to you, and I hope they listened. I have never, and will never, forget your kindness and care. I hope you and your family are well, and are completely blessed. Michele