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Kent R Gamette

Provo, UT





Kent R Gamette
920 N 500 W
Provo, UT 84604

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Nick Thomas says:
We had a terrible experience with Doctor Kent R Gamette today at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Birthing Center. We went into the hospital this morning at 5am excited to be having our 4th baby and looking forward to a miraculous culmination of a long and difficult pregnancy. Having done this 3 times before, we were sure we were off to the races with strong, painful, and consistent contractions. However, after about 2 hours at the hospital the contractions died. We told our nurse that we wanted to get induced... which led to a conversation with Dr Gamette that left us flabbergasted. Dr Gamette was an angry, rude, egoistic person and an uncaring, unprofessional, and unethical doctor. Bottom-line: in the middle of a consultation he stood up, yelled at his patient (my wife), and stormed out of the delivery room upset that we were challenging his position not to induce us. His last words that he yelled at my wife as he stormed out of the room were "I will induce you IF YOU INSIST on being induced, but I don’t like the implication I’m being punitive… [DOOR SLAMS]." I was aghast. As background, we had been tentatively scheduled to be induced twice by another doctor in his clinic because of the difficulties my wife was having with the pregnancy but had decided to cancel and give the baby a few more days to come on his own. We had previously communicated that we may cancel the scheduled induction and was assured by that other doctor and the hospital that they were fine with the possibility. The morning we checked in we fully expected to be having the baby soon because the contractions had been very intense and three minutes apart for over two hours. After several hours of false labor we decided that it would be the best thing to go ahead with being induced considering primarily the extreme difficulties we were having with the pregnancy, we were there, the hospital rooms were not full, I had taken work off as well as my father and mother in law and we had other family that had come in to town to stay with our other children and had help for the weekend. Dr. Gamette had explained that the hospital was short staffed, which we could understand, but also put a lot of focus on the fact that we had cancelled two previous inductions and now wanted to be induced when it wasn’t “scheduled.” (even though that obviously was not our intent when we arrived at hospital.) He also said that my wife’s cervix was borderline ready. My wife asked some more questions about her cervix being ready since the other doctor had been fine with scheduling her to be induced several days ago given she was already dilated to a 3.5 and 70% effaced. We also questioned the fact that he seemed annoyed that we had previously cancelled scheduled inductions and wondered if that was a factor in his position. Although we were just trying to get clarification on what the most influential reasons were for Dr. Gammete not wanting to induce the labor, apparently someone questioning his position is not something Dr. Gammette is comfortable with. My complaint against Dr Gamette is that he didn't care about our perspective, took offense to our questioning the merits of the policy/position, and unprofessionally stormed out of the room while yelling, red-faced at his patient (my wife). What did we do? We left, of course. The miraculous event completely spoiled. I have vowed to make my case to other potential "customers" so that they can get another perspective on this doctor. We have no complaint with the other physicians in the practice, but my objective is to steer potential “customers” clear of Dr Gamette.